mardi 4 juin 2013

Interview de Zahi Hawass (mai 2013) - en anglais

Zahi Hawass répond aux questions suivantes :

- “When did the adventure with archaeology start for you ?”
- “What is your biggest discovery ?”
- “Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids ?”
- “What happened to Khufu’s mummy ?”
- “How the Egytian pyramids were built ?”
- “Who built the first pyramid in Egypt ?”
- “What do you think about theories that connect Egypt with Atlantis or Aliens ?”
- “Tell us more about your work that you did in Seti I tomb”
- “How many secrets are still hidden in Egypt ?”
- “What are your plans for the future ?”

Lire quelques commentaires de François Tonic, dans Pharaon Magazine :