jeudi 6 juillet 2023

The Great Pyramid "MANKILLER" Tunnel, by Ancient Architects

The outlet of the King’s Chamber Northern Shaft is located high up on the northern face of the Great Pyramid, directly above the main entrance. The small opening, located 80 metres up the side of the pyramid, measured around 30 cm square, but behind the opening was a tunnel, more than 11 metres long and it had been crudely dug out along the shaft some time in antiquity. This tunnel measured approximately 70cm square and was large enough for one man to squeeze inside, but it had been filled with four cubic metres of sand, stones and debris. When cleared out by Rudolf Gantenbrink in 1992 to improve the ventilation inside the Great Pyramid, he named it the “Mankiller” Tunnel. But when was it created ? In a recent video by the Lines in Sand channel, link below, he quotes the brilliant Keith Hamilton, saying it was the work of Giovanni Caviglia in the early 19th Century, but is this really the case ? Could it actually have been created by the Ancient Egyptians in the Old Kingdom to repair the King's Chamber Northern Shaft? Watch this video to learn more !