jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Exploration des conduits d'aération dans la Grande Pyramide : une étude récapitulative

Keith Payne, un blogueur américain passionné d'égyptologie, a entrepris une étude récapitulative et synthétique des différents "chantiers" d'inspection des conduits dits "d'aération" dans la Grande Pyramide de Guizeh, depuis les recherches de Waynman Dixon jusqu'à l'exploration de Djedi.
C'est clair et bien ficelé, comme toujours avec Keith
C'est à lire...

"Last May the Project Djedi Team caught the world’s attention, and imagination, when they announced that the robot crawler designed to explore the southern shaft leading out of the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid had transmitted back images of markings left behind by the pyramid’s builders. Hidden behind a “door” that had either thwarted or limited previous attempts to investigate the shaft, the markings prompted much speculation about their nature and purpose.
The Djedi Project was back in the headlines at the end of December when New Scientist magazine named the discovery one of the Top 10 Science Stories of 2011. For the next few articles, Em Hotep will bring you up to date on the history of the exploration of the mysterious shafts in the Great Pyramid. This current article will cover the ground from Waynman Dixon up to the Pyramid Rover Project, with the next article focusing exclusively on Project Djedi. This will be followed by a couple of very special interviews you will not want to miss.